GDOGE x CoinMarketCap Giveaway to 2000 Random Winners

We have partnered with CoinMarketCap to launch a GDOGE airdrop campaign between 2 August and 12 August 2021!

Event Link:…

Here is the list of 2000 lucky winners of the Airdrop Event!

Winners List:… Congratulations!

We will send out 50 Billion GDOGE rewards to 2000 winners in less…

To the Moon with Golden Doge

Golden Doge has its own golden vault which gets filled with 5% of all the transactions made by GDOGE lovers.

Every GDOGE holder will be able to take out BNB from this golden vault every 24 hours as much GDOGE token as they hold.

Did you sell all your GDOGE by mistake? No problem!
Buy again and you can get your BNB reward exactly after 24 hours!

We also airdrop 🪂 100 million GDOGE tokens to everyone who joins our GDOGE army.

We can grow and build the Golden Doge Empire👑🏰 together !!!

Golden Doge (GDOGE)

Doge Family is getting richer and richer every day and finally, they gave birth to Golden Doge!

Golden Doge studied how to benefit all its investors and found out a golden vault! He wants everyone to earn BNB every day by sharing his gold vault together.

Here’s the contract address.

Golden Doge presale will be started on July 19th, 2021 on Unicrypt Platform.

The entire liquidity will be locked on Unicrypt after presale and a 5% token of the total supply for the airdrop is locked and vested on

Participate in the GDOGE presale and don’t lose your chance for 100x!

Golden Doge

Golden Doge (GDOGE) is a community token that creates a BNB reward pool from transaction fees. Holders claim their reward every day.

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